“Look around. If you don’t see any salespeople, you’re the salesperson.”

“Look around. If you don’t see any salespeople, you’re the salesperson.”

— Peter Thiel

We often assume (don’t you just love this word…) that all successful companies have a skilled salesforce behind them.

If this were true how should we classify the extreme success of Palantir or SpaceX that have emerged with super expensive products and only one salesperson: their CEO? Careful, they are no exception, Basecamp, Slack, Evernote, Dropbox and Atlassian all operate in a market segment with no sales team to account for their rapid growth. All vastly more successful than most of us despite doing something different…

“No story lives unless somebody wants to listen.” JK Rowling

What is brand listening?

It will come as no surprise if I tell you that consumers want brands to listen to them, understand their concerns and act on them. Yes. Not only to improve the services and products they pay for but as a way to build consumer-brand relationships. As a brand, this helps with you with your branding: build brand awareness, brand trust, brand loyalty and storytelling. Specifically in light of the shortcomings brought by COVID.

Some brands do that better than others as it requires responsibility and activity monitoring social channels for…

Your brand is the overall feeling others have of you conjured up through your storytelling, customer service and aesthetic value. In a design-driven world where our brain is capable of processing images in a blink of an eye, literally 600,00 times faster than the written word and within only 13 milliseconds of view, your visual identity is more important now than ever.

Mary Potter, an MIT professor of brain and cognitive sciences mentions that:

“the job of the eyes is not only to get the information into the brain but to allow the brain to think about it rapidly enough…

Let’s play a word association game.

If I was to say the word ‘safety’ what brand would come to mind? …

For many of you, depending on your priorities right now, it may have been Volvo. Why is this?

Well back in 2002 Volvo was, once again, recognised for its seat belt awareness campaign focusing on safety first. Then in 2016, they launched their Vision 2020, where they saw a world of zero deaths in their cars. A little extreme but impactful non the less. All of their efforts in the automotive space over the past 90 years have…

Account-based marketing essentially unites sales and marketing to land and expand accounts. Marketing needs to make it easy for sales teams to access and deliver the right, consistent content experiences either through email outreach or content paths delivered in content hub format to prospects.

In order for it to be scalable, content paths need to be measured and tracked. This will provide you with insight into which ABM destinations are driving traffic and conversions.

Such an account-based marketing plan will help your marketing team track content engagement as well as assist your sales reps to nurture leads as they will…

Working to a tight schedule has never been easy, and if you tie that into working from home, juggling your team, listening to sales demands and meeting targets it’s only inevitable that somewhere along the line your team encounters a bottleneck. Stress levels increase and everything gets delayed. So how can we run a tight ship and avoid disaster? Here are 5 tricks to beat content bottlenecks.

What is content bottleneck?

A content bottleneck is when the demand for content within your marketing and sales teams is higher than your company’s ability to deliver on that demand solely relying on your team, tools, and…

Así que has oído a la gente lanzar este término como si todos tuvieran uno y todos supieran lo que es.

Tienes razón, muchos lo hacen, de hecho todos los negocios lo hacen, pueden no entender su “Buyer Persona” pero definitivamente tienen una.

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No, no son todos.

Customer Experience

¿Qué es un plan de contenidos?

¿Cómo puedes crear una experiencia personalizada para tu cliente, que ofrezca el contenido adecuado en el momento adecuado?

Empieza a tomar ventaja a tu competencia con los consejos, trucos y experiencia de Alexandra Cowen.

Hoy empezamos una colaboración que va a tener una periodicidad mensual con Alexandra Cowen. Alexandra es la CRO de forMarketer. Su trabajo está basado en la neuropsicología y está especializada en el desarrollo de contenidos B2B y B2C para el mercado EE.UU.

En las palabras de Zig Ziglar, “el dinero no es todo… pero está a la altura del oxígeno”.

As Zig Ziglar famously said, “money isn’t everything… but it ranks right up there with oxygen.”

And I totally agree.

Nothing, absolutely nothing kills a business faster than a lack of “oxygen” (money).

But why is any of this important? Well, there are very few business problems I can think of that can’t be solved by simply throwing more money at them, and if you didn’t get into business to make money then you’re either lying or you have a hobby and not a business.

In Anthony Greenbank’s book “the book of survival” he makes an interesting point: “to live…

You have heard this many times before: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This saying has come to be called the Golden Rule and the key to neuromarketing and neurosales. Through the principles of attention, emotion and recall our minds are hard-wired to avoid danger and foster solidarity. A great sale understands this process.

What does the mind like to hear?


The field of neurosales has discovered that our minds will shut down the minute we hear a traditional pitch.

To overcome this we need to analyse our customers on every level and adapt to each typology. …

Alexandra Cowen

Coffee fuelled Marketing and content strategist #Speaker #Neuroscience | Help Biz’s dig into the details, pull data apart and figure out the right story to tell

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